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Next Generation of Mobile Experiences

We are living in the time were great and exciting things are happening. By the words of digital nomads here on the Web: “What a great time to be alive!”. But for now let’s take a look on:

  1. When did the customer behavior started changing?
  2. Customer behavior today
  3. Conclusion
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Evolve – KickAss MeetUp Ideas

The Evolve – KickAss MeetUp will be organized on every 1. Wednesday in the month in COIN Zadar. The mission of the Evolve – KickAss MeetUp is to share knowledge of the latest market and IT development trends, but also to present each month one selected Product idea on our MeetUps.

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CityBus Zadar

CityBus Zadar

CityBus Zadar provides you with all Bus Stations and Lines from Zadar and their Timetable. Additionally we added for you Taxi Stations as well as Parking Zones with Tarif information and the SMS shortcode for the Parking Tickets.

You can find the closest bus stations from your current location and get the best route suggested and you can search for addresses and will find the information how to best get there.

CityBus Zadar is in a few hours available as Android App and soon will be coming also to the iOS App Store.

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