November 2017

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Development Trend: Static Pages

The majority of web developers, including me, have a well-known way of creating websites. Either it is a static website showing only a few information about something or a full custom site that needs to handle all kinds of user – interaction with the site itself.

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Recap of Evolve MeetUp Vol.3

In this blog article, you will read a short summary of our last Evolve MeetUp Vol.3 which has been held on 08/11/2017.

  1. Development topic: Flat File CMS
  2. Follow up on two previous supported projects
  3. Announcement of next evolve supported project
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Reception as a first phase of IT & Media Resort!

This month we started with construction on the plot where we planned to build an IT & Media Resort. We are all quite excited and we decided to show you what is the first phase in a building of the Resort.  We have a lot of information, documentation and pictures of current progress on the Resort to show you!

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The process of Atomic Design

UI design is constantly evolving along with its tool and methodologies. The one methodology that was massively adopted by hundreds of design teams around the world is Atomic Design.

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