Reception as a first phase of IT & Media Resort!
06 Nov 2017

Reception as a first phase of IT & Media Resort!

06 Nov 2017

This month we started with construction on the plot where we planned to build an IT & Media Resort. We are all quite excited and we decided to show you what is the first phase in a building of the Resort.  We have a lot of information, documentation and pictures of current progress on the Resort to show you!

#1 First Phase: Reception

The First Phase of the Resort is the Reception!

Reception is planned to be 160 m² big with the beautiful view of the sea and it is going to provide:

  • Porch/Entrance
  • Lobby
  • Porch/Exit
  • 3 offices
  • 1 security room
  • 2 rooms/luggage and storage facility
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Parking garage

#2 Green roof and solar power as a part of the renewable energy concept

The Resort is going to be built according to nature, so we plan to have green roofs or living roofs that are partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.

The benefits of a green roof or living roof

For the building owner

  • Expand roof life 2×3 times
  • Reduce air-conditions costs
  • Reduce winter heating costs
  • Stormwater management tool
  • Up to 15 LEED credits
  • Government and municipality incentives
  • Improve public relations
  • Transform dead space into garden space


For the community

  • Stormwater runoff reduction
  • City “heat island” effect reduction
  • Reduce smog and improve air quality
  • Less noise
  • Reduce energy demand
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Provide green space


For the Environment

  • Prevent combined sewer overflow
  • Reduce carbon monoxide impact
  • Remove nitrogen pollution from air
  • Neutralize acid rain effect
  • Provide habitat for wildlife

For more information read on Green Roof Technology.

#3 The current situation on the Resort

On the beginning, we had a bagger which had the first mission – land preparation for the plot – which means that all existing walls e.g. current construction walls/building which was already on the plot, needed to be demolished and after that should be cleaned and prepared for the next phase which is foundation for the Reception.

  • The first bagger
    The first bagger
  • The first bagger on the resort

    The first bagger on the resort

    The first bagger on the resort

#4 The visualisation of the Reception

The Resort is going to provide a new environment which is reflecting Impaddo’s brand values of Innovation, simplicity and beauty. The buildings are located in a unified and secure landscape, which extends and connects the interior workplaces to outdoor facilities for relaxation, recreation, and reflection.

PDF documents

  1. Architecture concept of Reception
  2. Western and Eastern side of Reception
  3. South and North side of Reception
  4. Green roof of Reception

For more info about IT & Media Resort check our category on the blog
IT & Media Resort.


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