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Life of Digital Nomad

In this blog article, Simeon Bugarija and Kristina Alić from Aspekt are going to talk about Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Thailand. How it was for them to adapt to Thailand weather, time zone and which obstacles they encountered?? Read more in this article which they wrote!

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Next Generation of Mobile Experiences

We are living in the time were great and exciting things are happening. By the words of digital nomads here on the Web: “What a great time to be alive!”. But for now let’s take a look on:

  1. When did the customer behavior started changing?
  2. Customer behavior today
  3. Conclusion
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Facebook VR as the next social platform

Facebook & VR

In October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a $250 million investment in VR, bringing the company’s total contribution to the effort to $500 million. With this move, Mark confused whole VR community and made us all questioning “Why?”. – Mark had the vision to bring VR to the next technological platform in social media and this time his vision is becoming the real with Facebook Spaces. 

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