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The process of Atomic Design

UI design is constantly evolving along with its tool and methodologies. The one methodology that was massively adopted by hundreds of design teams around the world is Atomic Design.

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Serverless Architecture

#1 Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture, also known as function as a service (FaaS), is lately one of the hottest trends in cloud computing. Public serverless offerings like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, IBM Cloud Functions, Auth0 Webtasks, IronIO/ Iron Functions and Openfaas provide developers with the opportunity to create applications without thinking about the infrastructure behind. These services take the platform-as-a-service (Paas) concept to a new level where users don’t have manage servers.

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A Review of available Android Database

Developing Android Applications often involves storing, reading and updating data. From this point, the main question is which approach to choose? There are several ways which Android developers use to save data depending on their needs.

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CityBus Zadar

CityBus Zadar

CityBus Zadar provides you with all Bus Stations and Lines from Zadar and their Timetable. Additionally we added for you Taxi Stations as well as Parking Zones with Tarif information and the SMS shortcode for the Parking Tickets.

You can find the closest bus stations from your current location and get the best route suggested and you can search for addresses and will find the information how to best get there.

CityBus Zadar is in a few hours available as Android App and soon will be coming also to the iOS App Store.

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Google launches “App Maker”

Google App Maker

Google launches “App Maker” which will be very useful for people who are not so “techy”. App Maker promises to make it easy for everybody to develop basic apps that serve a specific purpose. App Maker is based on three simple steps: Data, Drag-and-Drop and Publish.

Let’s look a little more about it.

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Google Wallet & Android Pay

In this article, we will take a closer look at Google Wallet & Android Pay.

Google Wallet 

Google Wallet is a service made for the purpose of sending and requesting money from anyone. Once you receive the money through Google Wallet you can transfer it to your debit or credit card.

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Google Cloud Deployment Manager

In this article, we will write about our review about Google Cloud Deployment Manager. Google CDMs goal is to create a simple deployment and then extend to a more complex deployment using features of the Deployment Manager that you can reuse in your own deployments.

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