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GDPR Compliance is not a choice and time is running out

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force. From this point on, all companies which do not comply with the requirements of the GDPR are at risk of increased liability and serious sanctions, in particular, high fines.

Together with our IT lawyer, we give you a summary of the most relevant new requirements, the risks involved and the measures required to ensure compliance with data protection.

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Augmented Reality

Back this year Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 11: Enhanced augmented reality (AR) features that are enabled by Apple’s new ARKit software.  Apple using the iPhone and iPad as a showcase of augmented reality, and the company has given developers a suite of tools designed to help them build a new generation of apps.

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Development Trend: Static Pages

The majority of web developers, including me, have a well-known way of creating websites. Either it is a static website showing only a few information about something or a full custom site that needs to handle all kinds of user – interaction with the site itself.

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Happy New Year

We from Impaddo want to say


to all our partners and customers for another year of exciting projects, awesome teamwork and many wonderful moments we shared together. May the next year be even better and filled with a lot of joyful moments and success stories!

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Our projects 2012

Impaddo Projects 2012

An exciting year ended: in 2012 we developed several enterprise in-house solutions and helped companies like Postfinance and SwissPost to manage major steps in their digital transformation.

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Our projects 2011

Impaddo Projects 2011

….and 2011 is passed. Time to sum up all our projects for this year. 🙂

We had another awesome year full of projects and great customers!

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Our projects 2010

Impaddo Projects 2010

Our first year just finished…! 🙂

We were happy to maintain several major cooperations and projects and took over the digital consultancy and conception for several customers in Switzerland. Also, we celebrated our very first German customer project “Webtrekk iOS”. You will not believe, but this very first one is still on the App Store: Open Webtrekk iOS App in the App Store.

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