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How to win a hackathon? – by Ivan Voras


Hackathons have spread from the very nerdy beginnings, actually, in a community, I’m very proud to be a small part of, to a quite wide audience and range of disciplines. I think that what ties all the different hackathons together nowadays is the orientation towards technical, or at least productive, domains, where people come together to work on projects in a similar field, with the goal of producing something useful – be it a prototype or a mostly-finished feature.

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Graphical test automatism across platform

Research outcome about software test automatism across multiple platforms in our digital era

We want to share one of our research outcomes about software test automatism across multiple platforms. Very often we developed products not only for a single platform but for multiple platforms simultaneously.

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Google Cloud Deployment Manager

In this article, we will write about our review about Google Cloud Deployment Manager. Google CDMs goal is to create a simple deployment and then extend to a more complex deployment using features of the Deployment Manager that you can reuse in your own deployments.

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