CityBus Zadar
04 Sep 2017

CityBus Zadar

04 Sep 2017

CityBus Zadar

CityBus Zadar provides you with all Bus Stations and Lines from Zadar and their Timetable. Additionally we added for you Taxi Stations as well as Parking Zones with Tarif information and the SMS shortcode for the Parking Tickets.

You can find the closest bus stations from your current location and get the best route suggested and you can search for addresses and will find the information how to best get there.

CityBus Zadar is in a few hours available as Android App and soon will be coming also to the iOS App Store.

The idea

CityBus Zadar is the Android application made by Stipe Stagličić who lives in Zadar and who took the opportunity to build and improve his own city by developing this application.

The idea for this application came at the Google I/O Extended conference here in Arsenal Zadar where Stipe applied for Hackathon and choose Digital City as his category.

Read more about it on the blog article: Interview with Stipe Stagličić

Main features of application

Main features of CityBus Zadar are:

  1. Bus stations, lines and timetable
  2. Taxi positions
  3. Parking zones

Bus stations 

This is the main feature of the application. Once you press the Bus tab it will show different colored Map Pins over Zadar representing the different bus lines from Liburnja.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of this feature is to show the user which bus line is coming and where it is going.

Also, you can see what is the closest location where you can buy the bus ticket.

Closest location where you can buy bus tickets


Unfortunately, there is still not yet the option to buying a bus ticket for a bus but we hope so that potential investors will recognize this great opportunity for it and make it even better.

What do this colors mean?

The different colors of bus icons represent different bus lines.

Bus line “Diklo”

How to use it?

Simply type the place where you want to go and the application will calculate the route from your nearest bus station, when will the bus arrive and how long will it take you to go to your location.

Who can use it?

Everyone who is lost in Zadar, citizens of  Zadar and especially tourists who are finding their way from place A to place B.

Taxi location

In the option of Taxi location, the user can find the closest location of official taxi spots in Zadar. The application would calculate the closest location based on your current location where are you.

Parking zones

Parking zones are the zones where you can park your car. Inside this app, you will find general and important informations especially if you are not from the Zadar. Such as on numbers for paying parking via SMS, what are the working (charging) hours and days and also you can see the price of parking for each parking zone.

If you are interesting to having this application on your mobile device, here is the countdown of the mobile app: CityBus Zadar

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