Our experience with the COIN coworking space in Zadar
18 Jul 2017

Our experience with the COIN coworking space in Zadar

We have been in co-working space COIN in Zadar! Read more below how was it! 😀

18 Jul 2017

Our experience with the COIN coworking space in Zadar


We heard about the COIN in Zadar by coincidence during our final preparation phase of the first Google I/O Extended conference in Zadar in May 2017 (http://zadar.io).

Slavica Kosović - co-host in co-working space in Zadar

Slavica Kosović – co-host in co-working space in Zadar

As we learned the project “Coworking Zadar – Innovation Through Collaboration” was approved for funding on the Call for Proposals ”The Business-Related Infrastructure Grant Scheme” from the IPA Operational Programme Regional Competitiveness 2007-2013.

Located in Zadar at Put Murvice 16, nearly 370 qm of COIN coworking space provides approximately 35 workstations split between offices, desks, and coworking space for freelancers, startup businesses, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs across different professional services.

Spontaneously COIN joined the Google I/O Extended in Zadar as a speaker on the Opening Day of the Conference – Interview with Slavica Kosovic on our Youtube channel:

Our two weeks in COIN co-working space in Zadar


We were very positively surprised and naturally we wanted to visit the co-working space as soon as possible, so we booked our team for a period of two weeks into the COIN Meeting Room, where we had finest air condition and finest internet connection, coffee and water for free, a large modern beamer wall on the one and Television with HDMI connection on the other side of the room.

We divided the Meeting room into two large working groups and had still enough space for a table with fruits and drinks. Our office dog Freya was warmly welcome and enjoyed the cool temperature for lazy naps, after entertaining repeatedly the other COIN guests.

The COIN is open from 08:00 – 20:00 and you always find somebody to welcome you with a friendly laugh and a helping hand. Like for example Slavica Kosović. 🙂

Slavica Kosović

Slavica Kosović

It offers a modern kitchen for its visitors and even a smoking room – which was a pleasant surprise for some of our colleagues. The atmosphere is great and it provides a large open space with many working desks, a cosy lounge area and even some lockers, for safely keeping our laptops, bags or keys if needed.

Although the location is close to a nearby Kiosk and the large Shopping centre, it would be even better if you could get drinks and food (for an achievable price) in the building or one of the neighbour buildings. We ordered food and drinks nearly every day from a delivery service and spent easily additionally ca. 80 KN per person and day for drinks and food on top of the Meeting room rent.

Why should you choose the COIN co-working space in Zadar?


Overall, the Co-Working Space COIN in Zadar exceeded our expectations by far and we truly recommend it to everyone, who is feeling from time to time isolated while studying or working from home and who likes to join in a friendly office space or a spontaneous business chat. Also for Business Meetings this place is perfectly set up, provides good parking spaces and is located close to Zadars centre.

Comments from our team


“The time at Coin was great. Friendly staff ready to help with whatever problem you have, waiting for you at 8 AM with a smile on their face. Coffee and water whenever you want. Would recommend to everyone!” 

– Marino T. 

“I am from Zadar and it’s great to have a place like this in my hometown. A place where people can come and work in a friendly environment and fully equipped offices.”

– Sandro Ć.

Impaddo Team

Impaddo Team in Co-working space COIN in Zadar

Last sweet words 🙂

Congratulations to this successful EU project and Thank you to the wonderful COIN manager Slavica Kosović.

We will gladly come back soon!
– Impaddo team


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