Evolve MeetUp #4
30 Nov 2017

Evolve MeetUp #4

30 Nov 2017

 Hoho hey ho! Have you heard? There is new MeetUp in town!

Evolve MeetUp #4


17:00 @COIN

The mission of the Evolve MeetUp is to share knowledge of market and development trends, but also to present each month one supported Evolve Project. 

Evolve MeetUp #4

Program of Evolve MeetUp #4


17:00h Trends in iOS: Augmented Reality 

Our first speaker is Ivo Valčić who is going to present us the trend in the iOS development -> Augmented Reality. If you are interested you are very welcome to come and join us!

iOS trends

18:00h Evolve Project: Clean City & Ionic Framework

Our next speaker is Simeon Bugarija. Clean City is his project idea which Impaddo team together with Simeon support in design, development, testing and on this MeetUp we are going to present you what we have accomplished in the last month!

Clean City

19:00h IT Christmas Networking

Time to network or show us your project ideas, maybe you even have a topic you would like us to present at the following MeetUp. Soft drinks and Snacks are free!

We are organising this MeetUp activity in cooperation with
the “Zadar Developer Hub

Let’s MeetUp and chat!

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