The Digital Village
17 Oct 2017

The Digital Village

Think gloabally, act locally.

17 Oct 2017

The Digital Village is the supported Evolve project which has been presented by Celia Blagovińá on our Vol.2 Evolve KickAss MeetUp.

#1 The Digital Village

The idea behind the Digital Village is to provide in its first phase free WiFi coverage in Maslenica.

If you are wondering WHY? keep reading… ūüėČ

#2 Mass Exodus

According to in the last few years 172 604 people have moved from Croatia to Germany, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Sweden or Norway. Taking other countries into account the number increases to 200 000 in the last year.


During the presentation, we asked the audience what they think is the reason for so many people leaving Croatia.

The audience started throwing answers such as “Money”“…because of the political situation”¬†…“no jobs” more opportunities” … etc.

Next question was “What can we do? What can we do to change this development in Croatia?”

How to improve a little bit the situation, starting in the regional area? A lot of our teammates in Impaddo are working since several years remotely from home – some do not have a car or driver licence – but they have internet at home and they know how to design, code or manage!

Okay, Impaddo can’t bring the water pipes and supply the whole Village with water or whatever…¬† but at least we can do something that is in our power and in that way improve¬†our local area.

Impaddo is IT company and main resource for all our work is no.1 – GOOD CONNECTION! Without no internet connection, we can not do our work … ah what I am talking, just imagine life without internet. Horror.

Internet provides Opportunities

#3 Free Basic

Let’s take a look at similar large-scale projects. Mark Zuckerberg initiated with Facebook the, also known as Free Basics. Free Basics by Facebook provides people with access to useful services on their mobile phones in markets where internet access may be less affordable. The websites are available for free without data charges and include content on things like news, employment, health, education and local information. As of November 2016, 40 million people are using

“Think globally, act locally”¬†

#4 Municipality Jasenice

We reworked the statistical research from the Municipality Jasenice and get confirmation on following analyse:

From this chart, it can be seen that only 56.73 % of households have Internet access, of which again only 31.47% have a speed of less than 4 Mbit/s. We are living in the digital era, where beside water and electricity having internet is a basic need to cover and some people still don’t have access to it. With access to the internet, you can access a completely different level of education and knowledge, a different job and customer range – you can basically work from home, but have customers that are thousands of kilometre away from you.

Let’s put our scenario like this:

Free WiFi
Acess to online schools
Online job market/Work remotely
Unlimited Opportunities
Income / Money


Pilot Maslenica

As a first Pilot for the Digital Village Impaddo chooses to implement free WiFi in the Maslenica.

Digital Village - Free Wifi in Maslenica


If someone asks me personally: “Mirna, would you rather live in the urban city or some Village which has free coverage¬†of WiFi – where ever you go in Village?

– I would definitely¬†choose the Village. Fewer people, less traffic, less stress, there is sea or nature, peace… and free WiFi? Hell yeah!

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