Google Hire – a job applicant management tool!
04 Aug 2017

Google Hire – a job applicant management tool!

Everything you need to know about Google Hire

04 Aug 2017

In this blog you will read about:

  1. What is Google Hire?
  2. Who can use it?
  3. How to use it?
  4. Where can you get it?
  5. How much does it costs?
  6. Where is it available?

What is Google Hire?

It is a service that helps businesses more effectively manage their internal recruiting process. It will help small and mid-sized businesses to communicate with candidates, schedule interviews and manage overall job applications.

Who can use it?

Every company which feels the need for a tool like this. “To use Google Hire, companies will need to be paid subscribers to Google’s G Suite lineup of business apps like Calendar and Gmail“, said Dmitri Krakovsky, Google’s vice president of enterprise apps and platform. G Suite customers will have to pay extra to use the Hire app, he said.

How to use it?

Okay, so let’s say that you want to review how much applications you have from today.

Reviewing of application

On the picture below you can see the home screen of this tool and if you look closely you will see that first box is Today with 27 applications added. Let’s choose this option.

Home screen of tool

Once you choose the option where you can see today’s applications, it will open a screen where you will find fields in which candidates applied, and on the left side is the number of candidates which applied. E.g. Engineer, Computer Vision (2) – no. 2 means that 2 candidates applied for the job in this field.

Today’s applications

Now, let’s choose “Engineering Lead, Front – End” (3 candidates applied).

Engineering Lead, Front – EndWhen it opens you will see 3 candidates who are waiting for your response. Now let’s say that you want to see CV’s of all 3 candidates. You can do that by passing the mouse over and beside the name of the candidate, where it will show the document icon…

Icon who lead to the CV or resume of candidate

…and when you press the icon – it will show you the resume or CV of the candidate.

Reviewing resume to browse between candidates CV’s or resumes, you don’t need to close the current document, you can just swipe left or right using arrows, and it will immediately open next documents.

Once you review all the CV’s, then you have to make choice: Accepting/Rejecting candidates.

Accepting/Rejecting candidates

If you know which candidates you will reject, and which you will accept, there is also a cool thing – you don’t need to exit the document, on top you have 2 options: Advance or Reject.

Let’s say you want to hire this candidate, then you do following: Advance -> Hiring -> Save.

Accepting candidate

Now when you are back on the candidate’s list. you can see the status by their names on the right side.

Status of candidates Ryan and Sonia will be selected and rejected because we decided to hire Johnvey.

Action button

Reject candidates

After we select people which we are unfortunately rejected, we go to the Actions button above and we choose the reject button.

Reject candidates – Reason

After that, a window will show up, where we choose the reason for rejecting those candidates… Default rejecting reasons are: Candidate withdrew, Job closed, Not qualified.

Next section is sending emails to candidates, and it looks like this:

Reject candidate – Notify selected candidates

Cool thing is, that you already have prepared email templates, you just need to choose which one you are gonna use.

After you choose one, the email text will be shown. You can add or remove parts, but if you are satisfied with the text, then just simply press send.

After everything is sent, on your list you will be able to see the status of every candidate.

This is just one example and one small option on what you can do with Google Hire.

Other cool options would be like:

  • Possibility to see the candidate after you press their name on your list, which opens their profile where you can see their application status, why and what kind of email you sent to that person. Also, you can add a personal note and all contacts of this candidate are saved, together with a resume, in case you want to contact that person again in future.
  • Discover!

In “Discover“ you can easily find the potential candidate which you rejected in past, and now you maybe want to send the invitation again for the interview. This is very easy, all you have to do is to type in the position you are looking candidates for, or you can choose options on your left side and find your candidates.

Where can you get Google Hire?

For more information and product we definitely recommend you to check their website: – where you can contact them and find more info about the product and also there is a demo video. So definitely check it! 😉

How much does it costs?

Google Hire prices vary depending on the company size.

Site license, based on company size for the annual contract is:

50 employee -$2,400 a year
100 employee -$4,800 a year
250 employee -$12,000 a year

If you are interested in purchasing Hire – please contact or visit their website:

Where is it available?

Unfortunately, for now, it is available only in the US and for US businesses & G Suite customers.

I hope you find this article useful! 🙂 We will keep looking and searching for new trends for you!

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