Google launches “App Maker”
20 Dec 2016

Google launches “App Maker”

Google launches “App Maker” which will be very useful for people who are not so “techy”

20 Dec 2016

Google App Maker

Google launches “App Maker” which will be very useful for people who are not so “techy”. App Maker promises to make it easy for everybody to develop basic apps that serve a specific purpose. App Maker is based on three simple steps: Data, Drag-and-Drop and Publish.

Let’s look a little more about it.


You can create new data or just past your already existing data you have and store it in your Drive or Google Cloud Platform.

There are several models:

Google Drive Tables


Google Cloud SQL

Calculated SQL


Models in generally you can imagine as a table in database or sheet in a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets organise data using named column headers and store them in sheets rows. Similarly, models organise data into named fields and store it in collections called records.

There are several model editors:


Data sources




Model Editor defines the structure and settings of your models. In the end when model are selected display field appears in action bar and in the end just choose the display field.


The user interface of App Maker consists: Pages & Widgets.
Pages are analogous to web pages. An app displays one page at a time in a browser window, and users can navigate between pages.
Widgets are UI elements on pages that users can see (such as labels and charts) and interact with (such as buttons and dropdowns)


Before you publish the app who you just made, there is an option for preview before a publishing. When you press the button “Preview” it will open the latest version of your application in a special preview instance.

When you’re ready to publish your application, you’ll need to create a deployment configuration, referred to simply as a “Deployment”.
A deployment is a specific instance of your application which can be run at a specific URL.

“Voila!” – you just made an App with App Maker!

For more information here is link.

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