To have the office or not to have it? Here is what we think…
08 Jan 2018

To have the office or not to have it? Here is what we think…

“Great things are done by a series of small things that are brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

08 Jan 2018

The main question in business today. To have the office or not to have? How to make a decision? To rent a place and get the office or just keep going on with remote work? What to choose? Here is what we think…

To have or not to have the office?

A few months ago I published the blog article “Working remotely” where I have been describing insides of Impaddo team, workflow and which online tools we are using to make remote work going smoothly as possible.

In that blog article, I mention few cons of working remotely.
They are: distraction, feeling lonely or not as part of the team, communication as the challenge.

How to avoid this cons?

If you think a little bit more, you would realize that those cons are actually very big deal. So, how to minimalize those cons in business?

Mix it up!

Have a casual office where it would be optional for your employers to come and to work.

Give them options, freedom to choose. Staying at home, going to coworking space, be at the office or sitting and sipping a coffee at the coffee bar – >where ever your employer feel like it is his place to be. (…and as long there is internet connection, to work, right).

Not only that this will make them feel like they have a choice to go in whichever place they want but you will give them the knowledge that even if in the end they don’t know where to go they can always go to the office. Back to base.

What we are doing now and why?

A few months ago we were one of those companies who work remotely. And we still do! But now we just have the office in Zadar too.

Why? To minimalize the cons of all remote work, give a professional look to the customers and partners and main reason because Impaddo now has a sibling company Pratura! … and as every family, we like to stick together.


Okay, some of you may say: “Yeah I don’t have the money or I don’t want to waste money on the office where may or may not people come to work.”  – Which is perfectly logical to think like this.

But let’s say that you have a family, your company is getting bigger and you start having more and more clients and you slightly start growing stress and pressure or feeling depressed. – Which is perfectly normal to feel like this.

You will with time face with distraction at home, challenge to lead/organize/manage team and company, the challenge in communication, feeling stressed out and not able to share with coworkers who understand you and for the end think what kind of perception the clients will have in your organization -> let’s say that because of better understanding with client you want to have met in person – you definitely don’t want to call them to the meeting in your house? Don’t you?

So, mix it up!

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