An introduction into Virtual Reality (VR)
14 Dec 2016

An introduction into Virtual Reality (VR)

Everything you need to know about the growing trend of Virtual Reality (VR).

14 Dec 2016

Everything you need to know about the growing trend of Virtual Reality (VR).

A small flashback on the history of Virtual Reality

The idea of virtual reality start showing up in 1950’s but early elements of it can be traced back to the 1860’s and long before the development of digital technology. Jaron Lanier is the one who raised public awareness of this new form of technology. He along with Tom Zimmerman marketed a range of virtual reality gear in the 1990’s. Virtual reality continued to be popular throughout the 1990’s but the hype surrounding this technology had an adverse effect and led to a decrease in its popularity.

First headset (“hindsight”)

In 1961, two Philco Corporation engineers (Comeau & Bryan) developed the first precursor to the HMD as we know it today – the Headsight.
It incorporated a video screen for each eye and a magnetic motion tracking system, which was linked to a closed circuit camera.

At the beginning, it wasn’t actually developed for virtual reality applications. They developed for immersive remote viewing of dangerous situations by the military. Head movements would move a remote camera, allowing the user to naturally look around the environment. Headsight was the first step in the evolution of the VR head mounted display but it lacked the integration of computer and image generation.

Virtual Reality Today

The first fifteen years of the 21st century has seen a major advancement in the development of virtual reality. 

Concept of Virtual Reality

“The concepts behind virtual reality are based upon theories about a long held human desire to escape the boundaries of the ‘real world’ by embracing cyberspace. Once there we can interact with this virtual environment in a more naturalistic manner which will generate new forms of human-machine interaction (HMI).”

Virtual reality enables allows to someone to do the following:

  • Walk around a three-dimensional building
  • Perform a virtual operation
  • Play a multi-user game
  • Take part in a theatre of war
  • Interact with an artwork, e.g. installation

Applications of Virtual Reality

Here is a list of the many applications of virtual reality:

Facebook and Virtual Reality Demo (VR)

Facebook introduced a virtual reality of its software. Mark Zuckerberg showed off the firm’s first attempt at social software for the Oculus Rift headset at the Oculus Connect conference in San Francisco. Virtual Reality is really becoming a real thing – over 1 million people already using VR monthly.

Global Virtual Reality Association

Biggest names in the industry: Google, HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Sony and Acer have been joined to create the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA) which goal it is to promote responsible development and adoption of VR globally.
The members of Global Virtual Reality Association will develop and share their best practices, conduct research and bring the international VR community together as the technology progress. Also, the group will serve as a resource for consumers, policymakers and industry interested in VR.

The GVRA will commission international research, create educational materials, and host and participate in discussions on issues important to the future of VR worldwide. The group will also create and share best practices for industry around the world.


It seems clear that 2017 will be a key year in the virtual reality industry.

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