Invest in Zadar County (Croatia)
04 Sep 2017

Invest in Zadar County (Croatia)

04 Sep 2017


Why choose Croatia? Here are some facts which can be interesting for you!

Over 15.000 foreign companies have chosen Croatia like a country to invest.

  • Incentives up to 60% of investment costs
  • Tax relief for reinvested earnings
  • Foreign companies continuously expand their business operation in Croatia

Attractive tax incentives, double taxation avoidance agreements with numerous countries and 0% customs within the EU.

  • 0% profit tax up to 10 years
  • No customs for all EU member states
  • Double taxation avoidance agreements with 55 countries

All of Europe in 3 hours – with its strategic position Croatia is an ideal gateway to major markets.

  • Shortest transit time from Far-East through quality sea ports (Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Split, Šibenik, Ploče, Dubrovnik)
  • Pan-European Corridors (VII, X, Vb, Vc) across its territory
  • Direct access to Rhine-Main-Danube system through four main river ports (Vukovar, Sisak, Slavonski Brod, Osijek)
  • Gateway to the market of 500 million consumers

Efficient, innovative, highly qualified and multilingual workforce committed to achievement.

  • High-quality education – University of Zagreb among 500 top universities according to ARWU 2012
  • The number of patients in Croatia is above the average of the EU27
  • Did you know that a tie, a pen, a parachute and the first successful mp3 player were invented by Croatians?

Zadar Country

Okay, let’s say that all these facts convinced you to choose Croatia but now why Zadar Country? (Region)? 🙂

Here are some key facts.

Key Facts

  • Land area: 3,646 km²
  • Sea surface: 3.632,9 km2
  • Population: 170,398
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • 2,550 sunny hours per year
  • Administration: 6 towns and 28 municipalities
  • GDP per capita: 8,388 EUR (2009)
  • Average gross salary: 961 EUR (2010)

Why invest in Zadar County

Invest in Zadar County from Futuro on Vimeo.

Zadar have been also the best European Destination in 2016!

The Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun

The best place to witness the famous Zadar sunset is by the sea, as you walk along the promenade and then stop where the sunset receives a special greeting – a modern light installation, Greetings to the Sun, appears to share a dance full of light with the setting sun, accompanied by the unique sound of the Sea Organ.


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