Life of Digital Nomad
12 Mar 2018

Life of Digital Nomad

12 Mar 2018

In this blog article, Simeon Bugarija and Kristina Alić from Aspekt are going to talk about Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Thailand. How it was for them to adapt to Thailand weather, time zone and which obstacles they encountered?? Read more in this article which they wrote!

Bangkok, Thailand – The City that never sleeps

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand covers a total area of approximately 513,000 square kilometres and is the 50th largest country in the world and the 12th largest in Asia! Exotic beaches, tropical climate and rich culture made Thailand appealing for us to start our journey as a digital nomad. After 12 hours long flight we arrived in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

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Becah on Thailand

The first thing we need to get used to is another time zone, which took us several days. We stayed in Bangkok for 5 days. It was hard for us to work immediately because everything around us was new. Bangkok is a busy and lively city. A place that almost never sleeps. Thus, we have dedicated our time to explore the city. That’s why the job fell into another plan. We were answering emails and dealing with emergency things only.

Vitamin Sea

Our next destination is the Koh Phangan Island. Of course, we came to Thailand for the beach and the sea. Koh Phangan is an island in the Gulf of Thailand in southeast Thailand in Surat Thani Province. Known among the backpackers as a place for fun, but also a place to relax and do yoga.

We spend the first two days on the island looking for a place to stay longer. Our new home and office. The quest did not last long. Soon we found a house that has everything we need. And the most important of all the internet is perfect! We immediately started to work to compensate for the missed time. We learned that at Koh Phangan there are 3 coworking spaces so we went to them in a row to visit. We decided to work at home. Why? Because the coworking space is twice expensive as the accommodation on the island. That was unacceptable. Then none of them offers anything we do not have in our accommodation. For example, none of them has office chairs of tables. All these are wooden tables and chairs. We are only sorry we are not surrounded by other digital nomads. That is why we have tried to find another way to connect with the digital community. Facebook groups have proven to be a good place for that. On the second week of our stay at Koh Phangan, we attended the meetup. This meetup was a bit different than the ones we used to attend in Zadar. Usually, meetups in Zadar are more about technology and case studies. Koh Phangan meetup was more about theory in business. Such gatherings are held every Wednesday. We have been in contact with some of them and out of such events.




Working on a beach?

We must admit that at the beginning it was not easy to be on the computer next to such a beautiful nature and beach. So we decided to carry a laptop with us on the beach sometimes. This practice had proved to be more than efficient. It’s interesting how much work can you do in a small bar a meter or two from the sea. Now someone could say: you can do that at home. Is this really true? We would not agree, it is different when you are sitting in a country where nobody speaks your language. There is no loud conversation or radio show heard in the background that can deconcentrate you. And there is a cell phone that doesn’t ring anymore!!

Cellphone does not ring! Until it stops ringing you do not even notice how much time you spend on the phone! So, it’s easier to concentrate on just one thing, business.

And the time difference is in favour of us. Thailand is 6 hours ahead of Croatia. When we get up in the morning, Croatians still enjoy the warmth of their bed. Therefore, it is possible to do a lot of things even before the clients wake up and see the mail. By the way, we communicate with our clients through email, and we don’t have any problems with that.

“Same, same but different!”

Otherwise, we have to admit we blended in easily. We do not eat at restaurants anymore, we are cooking at home. Of course, we also have our bar where we go to coffee every morning. They already know what we will order 🙂 Which is pretty cool.

In general, Thailand is a lot cheaper than Croatia. For example, traditional Thai meal Pad Thai or Fried rice can be found for 10kn! But typical Western things are more expensive like coffee and pizza.

Island life

Life on the island is great! Everything is so colourful and lively, especially at night. The Tai people are polite and always smiling. But those are the ones that speak very bad English 🙂 Except when we have to bargain we understand each other. For the first time in life, we do not complain when it rains because it is easier for us to stay home and work. The biggest problem is to choose which beach to go today 😀 Koh Phangan has 30 of them and they are all sandy. According to experience in the last month, the life of digital nomad suits us. We hope it will stay that way.

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