Recap of Evolve MeetUp #5
18 Apr 2018

Recap of Evolve MeetUp #5

Recap of Impaddo Evolve MeetUp #5 held at COIN coworking space in Zadar: GDPR, Smart Parking Solution.

18 Apr 2018

Recap of Evolve MeetUp #5

After the winter pause, we are finally back with Evolve MeetUp. This time we organised MeetUp #5 with the following topics: General Data Protection Regulation held by Olena Manuilenko & Smart Parking Solution held by Ivan Gržan & Ante Medić.

Before we started with MeetUp, our moderators Roža Milković and Dejan Majdandžić introduced to the audience upcoming speakers and said few words about topics. Soon after that, the main word takes our first speaker Olena Manuilenko lawyer and head of IP&TMT Department.

#1 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Olena started a presentation by asking the audience what kind of background we are all coming from? Mostly in the audience were people from the IT and Tourist industry. Everyone who came to MeetUp had main questions like:

  • What is GDPR?
  • Where to start?

What is GDPR?

GDPR is regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals within European Union.

Where to start?

Our audience consisted mostly of people who work or have IT company but also from the people who are involved in tourism. Where to start?

  • Governance
  • Review & Revision
  • Awareness & Traning
  • Audit & Assesment
  • Implementation & Maintenance
  • Supervision


Managment board must be aware GDPR compliance and his regulation and also consider investing not only time but also money into that.

Review & Revision

After Managment Board makes a decision it comes to the most important part, and that is the lifecycle of data in our company. We should analyse the data lifecycle by the following question given:

  • Whose data do you process? (Types of data subjects)
  • What types of data do you process?
  • Why do you process this data?
  • Who is your processor?
  • Whom do you disclose/transfer data to? (Recipients)
  •  Data Subjects Rights

Awareness & Traning

Soo after that, the company should have someone who will work as Data Protection Officer (DPO) – that person should be someone who understands GDPR but in the same who understand the whole data processing inside the company. This could be someone from inside of a company or hired like outsource BUT that person SHOULD NOT be in conflict of interest. In other words, that can’t be someone from management board not even someone from middle management.

After that comes again Audit & Assessment then Implementation and Maintenance and of course defining Supervision board or Supervisor.

#2 Smart Parking Solution

Smart Parking Solution is the system that allows better management of parking spaces that keeps track of the availability of each parking space inside one parking lot and gives the ability for the user to be notified and aware, if can he expect free parking space in some area and be navigated to it. It allows for the user not to fiddle with SMS payment or coins it would be used direct payment on the credit card in-app solution.

This solution will be integrated as first Project Pilot in the IT & Media Resort with the main goal to have a professional product that can be used in other private parking places of Hotels, Shopping centres, but also large-scale environments. A product that can be versatile and easily scalable and applicable to different usage scenarios is something that market would need.

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    Evolve MeetUp Project from Ante Medić and Ivan Gržan - Smart parking solution

    Evolve MeetUp Project from Ante Medić and Ivan Gržan - Smart parking solution
  • Smart Parking Solution by Ivan Gržan & Ante Medić at Evolve MeetUp organised by Impaddo in COIN coworking space in Zadar

Many Thanks…

Many thanks to everyone who joined us in the first MeetUp of this year! Also many thanks to COIN coworking space for welcoming us every month. Also many thanks to Olena Manuilenko and her team and to Ivan Gržan and Ante Medić for an interesting presentation.

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