Next Generation of Mobile Experiences
18 Sep 2017

Next Generation of Mobile Experiences

18 Sep 2017

We are living in the time were great and exciting things are happening. By the words of digital nomads here on the Web: “What a great time to be alive!”. But for now let’s take a look on:

  1. When did the customer behavior started changing?
  2. Customer behavior today
  3. Conclusion

1. When did the customer behaviour started changing?

If we look at source point when customers experience starts changing, then that’s definitely when the Internet showed up, together with social media. Companies recognised the fact that customers spend more and more time on the internet checking things and spending free time on social media.

With time this behaviour was shifting from laptops to mobile, and today customers in moments of need turn to their phones and search – basically everything!
They make a decision based on reviews of others on the internet – not only they make a decision about will they purchase something from you or not, but they start shaping the image of your company.


So, here we go. Today more and more companies are investing in this digital transformation – traditional companies reinvent themselves on mobile to stay relevant and startups are upending entire industries with their focus on simplicity.

2. Customer behaviour today

Today, customers are expecting much more from technology – and they are also expecting from every company be compatible with trends in tech industries

What is the customer expecting from you?

  1. Help me – FAST
  2. Know me – BETTER
  3. Surprise me – EVERYWHERE

Help me – FAST

Technology improved our life and automatized things on what we were spending a lot of time – now we don’t spend so much time on shopping, buying tickets, going to the bank etc.  We can pay for coffee with a tap. We can deposit a check by snapping a photo. And we can order laundry detergent with a voice command to a digital assistant – literally.


I like to say that technology helped us but spoiled us too. How user experience goes faster – the result of that is also users impatient which is very high.

53% of people will abandon a mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.  

So, let’s imagine that something doesn’t work on mobile – let’s says that it takes more than 3 seconds to open this web on mobile and that users decide to wait.
And now lets say that something doesn’t work and show up an error or take another 3 seconds to open the page! – oh, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Know me – BETTER 

Personalised and relevant experiences are key to connecting with consumers, and they have a positive impact on the bottom line. So, you definitely want to know your customers & you definitely wants to show to the customer that you know what they need in the right moment.


Surprise me – EVERYWHERE

As consumer behaviours shift, it is important to rethink the investments to the user experience.Today, a customer is expecting from you that you serve him everything on the golden plates.Yes, unfortunately, customers get spoiled and it is very challenging for you to surprise them, but if you do, you may have a loyal customer.


3. Conclusion

Bring all these three elements together. Help your customer, get informed about your customer, amuse him and surprise him. And in this way make your own loyal community. 🙂



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