My experience with Google Garage
16 Jan 2017

My experience with Google Garage

Here you will find out what is Google Garage and how it can help you to improve your digital skills.

16 Jan 2017
  1. What is Google Garage
  2. How you can apply for it
  3. How does it work
  4. The languages in which it is available
  5. Pros & Cons of Google Garage
  6. My own experience and opinion of Google Garage

What is Google Garage?

Google Garage is a platform of free online courses that are built for the purpose to share knowledge with everyone who has the interest in digital marketing, social media and also for those who want to increase their business via digital marketing.

It is a free online courses where you can found topics such as first steps how to put your business online, how to connect with clients over newsletter, how to use SEO/SEM, how to use analytics to help you grow up with sales and help you to learn behavior of your visitors, mobile marketing strategy, social media platforms, advertising, how to expand on international market, increase sales … and many other interesting and relevant topics who are very useful.

How to apply

To apply for Google Garage is very simple and playful.

When you press the button  it will show up the Sign in dialogue:

Here you can log in with your Google account or with any other email account. After you have been logged in, it will ask you to fill out your name and after that, it will ask you a couple of question. Based on your answer Google Garage will generate a studying plan – 5 main topics that are relevant to your interest and your answers.

How does it work

There are 23 chapters (courses) where in videos tutorials people are explaining a topic of the chapter you chose to learn. After every video, there is a short test with 2-4 questions. After you watch all videos from chapter there is a big test.

Finishing all chapters you will receive a certification from Google Garage that you pass all chapters successfully.

The languages (countries) in which it is available

Pros & Cons of Google Garage


  • Useful information about digital marketing
  • Gives you first steps how to actually get your business online
  • They made it so easy to understand
  • A lot of showed examples
  • It is highly addicted to stop watching
  • You can not fail exam (questions are very simple)


  • You need to manage your time when you will learn (this can be good and bad in same time)
  • Google Garage is not only free online course on internet (there is plenty of them)

My own experience and opinion of Google Garage

Interest in digital marketing came to me naturally. I have been always interesting for social media,  I have been even on social media when it was not so much popular for marketing, but with time traditional marketing has gone in history and now we hear a lot of terms of  “digital marketing”, “online marketing”…etc.

How I was already active on social platforms, I could understand easily terms of “digital marketing” but I wanted to know something more. So, I start with the free online courses from Google.

The first impression: The design of Google Garage is playful and the navigation is simple and natural to use.  When I started progressing, chapter after chapter, I learned more and more new things that I did not know and very quickly I started using that knowledge in my work.

Also, I realised that “digital marketing” is much more than just social media platforms.
Behind digital skills stands a lot of work, effort, planning and learning – but it is possible to manage learning curve and become an expert in this – if you have the will and if you are ready to learn every day.

I would definitely recommend everyone to start with Google Garage.

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