Recap of Evolve MeetUp Vol.3
23 Nov 2017

Recap of Evolve MeetUp Vol.3

Short summary of our Evolve MeetUp Vol.3 at COIN!

23 Nov 2017

In this blog article, you will read a short summary of our last Evolve MeetUp Vol.3 which has been held on 08/11/2017.

  1. Development topic: Flat File CMS
  2. Follow up on two previous supported projects
  3. Announcement of next evolve supported project

#1 Flat File CMS

Our speakers Marino Troskot and Marino Brnardić have presented a trending topic in IT industry – Flat File CMS.

Did you know that from all existing websites on the internet, ca. 25% of them are made with CMS WordPress?

We must admit that it is really a huge number, actually, even this blog article I am writing now is on CMS WordPress. Another famous content management systems(CMS) are Drupel, Joomla etc., but let’s see more about Flat File CMS.

What is a Flat File CMS?

Flat File doesn’t use the database but stores data in JSON/YAML files and it is efficient for small to mid-sized projects (blog, portfolio, landing page …) but can even successfully be used for large projects, for example, SPIEGEL ONLINE uses Statamic as their Flat File CMS.

Pros and Cons




Functional constraint
Demands technical skills
Smaller community
Less extensibility

Popular Solutions


#2 Follow up

CityBus Zadar

CityBus Zadar is our first Evolve Project which we have been supporting. On the first MeetUp we launched the app on the market as an Android version, and on this MeetUp, we announced that besides extending the bus lines to Zadar county and its islands, from now on the iOS App will also be available!

Google Play Store 
Apple Store

But that’s not all, we are working on extending the public transportation service for the users with real-time information. In the future, the users will be able to track their arriving bus on a Map of Zadar CityBus. Also, the 15 City Buses will be equipped with hardware and software to report real-time delays on their route…

For the Backend, we developed an easy-to-use Admin where Liburnija can in future maintain their timetables and routes digitally. A modern JSON Interface is available and connects and communicates with the different target applications.

Digital Village

The second Evolve Supported Project is the “Digital Village” – and for the first “Digital Village” Pilot we chose Maslenica, which is located ca. 30 km away from Zadar and belongs to Municipality of Jasenice.

Impaddo is currently working together with ICT providers on an Innovation Package, which will include hardware and frame contracts for data flats, and can be scaled to other villages or islands. Currently, we are collecting other villages to register below if they are interested in the “Digital Village” package. We will follow up with organised meetings to discuss needs of hardware and data frame contracts for each location dedicatedly.

Sign up your village here

Sign Up Here

#3 Our next supported Evolve project

Our next Evolve Project is “CLEAN CITY” by Simeon Bugarija. It is a platform for environment care – more about this idea and the whole project will follow up soon on our blog. Stay tuned! 🙂

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