Recap of the Google I/O Extended Zadar 2017
18 Jun 2017

Recap of the Google I/O Extended Zadar 2017

Wonder how our first Google I/O Extended passed? Check below! 😉

18 Jun 2017

This year for the first time in Zadar Impaddo organised a Google I/O Extended. Zadar is the city which is famous for the “Greeting to the Sun” and the Sea Organs.

Although we hoped to attract more audience, the first I/O Extended in Zadar counted in the end over 200 attendees, who were either from the IT branch, freelancers, highs school students or university students.

About the I/O Extended Zadar conference

The I/O Extended conference has been organised in the location “Arsenal Zadar” and lasted 3-days.

During this 3 days we organised:

  • Speakers & Demos and Special Guests
  • Keynote Live Streaming
  • Advanced and Beginners Hackathon
  • Several CodeLabs
  • Google Sessions
  • Party 😉

For more details about the program you can visit the event page

Speakers & Demos and Special Guests

The speakers and special guests on the Google I/O Extended Zadar were:

For more about the Speakers & Guest check our blog here.

Hackathon participants & winners!

Besides the speakers and their demos, a Hackathon competition was also organized, which was held in the duration of 24 hours.
We organised two levels for the Hackathon, Beginner and Advanced, where in the Beginner level the best team could win up to 5.000 KN and in Advanced Hackathon teams could win up to 20.000 KN.

The topics of the Hackathons were:

Beginner: Draft a solution that will improve your education or sports

Advanced: Digital City, Food waste, Environmental awareness, Help to those who need it the most

After registration of the teams, showing the topics of the beginner and advanced level,24H Hackathon marathon started.

The teams who participated

Beginner Teams: 

  • 3a2 (Zvonimir Klarić, Luka Mavra, Jakov JuriÅ¡ić, Bruno Kolega, Anton Ivan KuÅ¡ter)
  • Pitoni ( Miro Sekula, Jakov Vuica, Manuel Lovrić, Lorenco Lisica, KreÅ¡imir BoÅ¡njak)
  • CodeLords (KrÅ¡evan Å torić, Valentino Vukelić, Dino Gržanović, Mislav Duilo) 
  • Graus Development (Stjepan Arbanas, Jakov Å užberić, Gabrijel Lukić, Josip Mikulić, Marko Ladof) 
Beginner Hackathon

Beginner Hackathon participants

Advanced teams: 

  • Aspekt (Simeon Bugarija, Kristina Alić)
  • CodBiz (Robert Vinčić, Marino Bernardić)
  • DeNiro (Niko Vrdoljak, KreÅ¡imir Marnika, Domagoj Å kifić, Alenka Bopsić)
  • CodeOTP (Stipe Stagličić)
Advanced Hackathon

Advanced Hackathon participants

After 24h of conception, design and programming of the given topics, teams presented on Friday morning their results of the 24 hours Hackathon.


Presentation of the beginner Hackathon participant

Jury & Winners

In the Hackathon Jury were: Hrvoje Prpić, Ivan Voras and Marko Mišulić.

Jury of Hackathon

Hackathon Jury

5 criteria of the Hackathon jury were:

  • Originality/creativity
  • Innovation
  • Analytical skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Practical implementation

During the presentations the jury gave points to each team and at 14:00 the winners of the Beginner and Advanced Hackathon where announced. The winners of the Beginner Hackathon were:

Team “Pitoni” with the solution “Projekt OP” – Evaluation of subjects and professors, weighted by pupils’ scores 

Winners of Beginner Hackathon

Winners of Beginner Hackathon

The winner of the Advanced Hackathon:
CodeOTP with the solution “ZadarCity”

Winner of Advanced Hackathon

Winner of Advanced Hackathon

Special thanks 🙂

to the local companies who supported us on this conference:

Arsenal Zadar

REC production (Hrvoje Mavra, Eugen Šarić & Šime Sikirić)

FotoLOVRO (Lovro Jelenković)

Printshop, Coin, University of Zadar, FG Grafika ,CPP Grafički Studio

And of course, thanks to great Synthetica band & Sax Jackers!

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