Recap of Vol.1 Evolve MeetUp!
08 Sep 2017

Recap of Vol.1 Evolve MeetUp!

08 Sep 2017

Our first Evolve Meet Up has finished! … but don’t worry it is just one of our many upcoming MeetUps.

Short recap of the first MeetUp

We started at 17:00 o’clock with Celia Grieme with “Hello and Welcome” presentation.

After that Vjekoslav Blagović presented Automated Deployments for the Web, iOS and Android such as:

open-source CI tool is written in Java

coming from the labs of the JetBrains company

Travis CI
one of the oldest hosted solutions

Atlassian, company behind Jira, Bitbucket

open-source, ThoughtWorks Inc

Vjeko made a real-time showcase of Automated Deployments for CityBus Zadar Android App.

One hour of presenting and showing real-time case of Automated Deployment Stipe was preparing his presentation.

CityBus Zadar as first Evolve application 

At 18:00 o’clock Stipe started with his presentation, while we all counted the minutes until CityBus Zadar went live on the Google Play Store.

Short info

CityBus Zadar application a few months ago won the first place on Hackathon, which has been organized by us as part of Google I/O Extended here in Zadar.

Back then it was just a hackathon idea but today Stipes idea was launched as a real-life product!

If you wonder who is Stipe and how his idea evolves read the Interview with Stipe Stagličić.

You can download this application today on GooglePlay Store!

And in case if you are wondering how the app works and which are all features inside…

-> then read here more about it: CityBus Zadar blog article.

Our next Evolve MeetUp

As it was mention at the beginning this is not our last Evolve MeetUp, but our first … we are organizing the next MeetUp on the 4th of October and we are looking for a new product idea to support!

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