Interview with Ivan Gržan and Ante Medić – providers of “Smart Parking Solution” proposal
30 Mar 2018

Interview with Ivan Gržan and Ante Medić – providers of “Smart Parking Solution” proposal

30 Mar 2018

On one of our previous MeetUps, Ivan Gržan approaches us with his idea for a “Smart Parking Solution” together with Ante Medić. Who are they and what is their idea for “Smart Parking Solution” about.

Q: Guys, tell us something about yourself?

A: I’m Ante Medić and I was born in Zadar in October 1991. I always had interest in science and technology and hacking electronics. I was studying in Split and after that, I moved to Zagreb for work. After one year there I opened company offering innovative product development to clients as well as developing cutting-edge in-house projects


Ante Medić

Ante Medić


I’m Ivan Gržan born in December 1990. I have a Bachelor degree in Nautical engineering and technology of sea transport and I’m also a student of Information technologies, with a great passion for software and implementing and developing new technologies in real life.

Ivan Gržan

Ivan Gržan


Q: How did you find out about our MeetUps series?

A: We found your MeetUps series over your blog on Impaddo and over COIN Facebook page.

Q: Why did you approach Impaddo with this idea?

A: We approach with this idea because we wanted to prove that we can build with our knowledge and vision interesting and scalable product and that it can be built in Zadar.

Q: You are on the 04.04.2018 presenting The Smart Parking Solution on the IT format in Zadar called “Evolve MeetUp” in COIN coworking. It sounds interesting! What can we expect to hear from you on the MeetUp?



The Facebook event of Evolve MeetUp Vol.5 find here.

A: We aim to present overlay of the system, we plan to develop, solution for smart parking management, some technical specification and usage potential of the system.

Q: Tell us something more about the idea of Smart Parking Solution.

A: It is the system that allows better management of parking spaces that keeps track of the availability of each parking space inside one parking lot and gives the ability for the user to be notified and aware can he expect free parking space in some area and be navigated to it. It allows for the customer not to fiddle with SMS payment or coins it would be used direct payment over the credit card in-app solution.

Q: Smart Parking Solution will be integrated as a first pilot project in the IT & Media Resort. Tell us something about this.

A: It is a great thing that Impaddo chose us for the first pilot project! According to our initial estimate, the project would consist of several stages, and every stage will be tested and their reliability will be confirmed before starting developing next stages.

Smart Parking Solution in IT & Media Resort in Maslenica, Zadar

Q: What are your future plans for the Smart Parking Solution?

A: Our goal is to have a professional product that can be used in either large-scale environment or small scall like the private parking lot of hotel, resort etc. Making a product that can be versatile and easily scalable and applicable to different usage scenarios is something that market would need.

Q: Did you find in the past the support and interest that you expected or wished for from other institutions?

A: We got support and interest from Impaddo, and we are grateful to Impaddo for giving us a chance.

Q: What do you think about Zadar’s IT scene?

A: Zadar IT scene is still small, but we think that it’s improving every day, especially because of the new study of Information technologies and Impaddo which is doing great things for the community, region and supporting young people.

Q: What do you think could improve the development of the IT scene here in Zadar?

A: In Zadar, it is very hard to talk to some public institutions for some project, there are not many places where people can connect with each other and start doing some interesting IT projects. Also, people need support (much greater support) from the town of Zadar and his institutions.

For all of you who are interesting to hear more about Smart Parking Solution and how it will be integrated in IT & Media Resort in Maslenica, Zadar, join us in COIN coworking space at 04.04.2018 at 16:30h. 🙂

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