How to Stay Relevant in Facebook News Feed?
12 Mar 2018

How to Stay Relevant in Facebook News Feed?

12 Mar 2018

You may be noticed that Facebook started with cutting your reach of people on your Fan page. Now you are probably wondering what is going on? Why is it like that?

Well, Facebook is going back to their roots.

Social media wasn’t originally intended for the use of brands but it has become a part of every social media marketing strategy. Especially Facebook, it is the starting point/home for your branding.

But what is happening? – Facebook starts prioritizing individual over brand content in order to promote meaningful social interactions online.

But don’t worry, we have made some research for YOU! 🙂
Here are few tips & tricks how to reach people.

Impaddo blog

Impaddo blog about Facebook Newsfeed – How to stay relevant on Facebook

1. Quality Content with Purpose

Without content, internet would be empty. Today, there is so much content on the internet. The Internet gives everyone freedom to write and publish what they think it is okay or alright to publish. …and that’s how we came to a situation that today we have a bunch of unuseful content without any value.

But your focus should be on creating remarkable content e.g. Quality Content with Purpose.

Quality Content with Purpose = Value

What is Quality Content with Purpose? It is the solution. To provide a solution you must understand the problem. But, you can’t solve a problem if you don’t know what it is.

Tip 1: Understand who are your personas / Study your targets

Study your targets through real data – demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations and goals. If you know who they are, you know what they’re interested in.

So, instead of pumping out a ton of content or content for “content’s sake”, each and every content should be mindful, original and unique. Articles that spark engagement, initiate commenting and inspire users to share and tag their friends.

Be more strategic about the type of content you choose to publish on Facebook or that you give priority to when you boost your posts.

2. Promoting content

Promote your content. You can promote your content with Facebook ads or boost your posts to reach more people out there. But besides reaching people, consider using ads to engage with your content.

Tip 2: Influencer as a new marketing strategy 

This is a new trend which we will start seeing more and more. Social influencers with high organic reach will have a new found priority over brands when it comes to what Facebook considers quality content with a purpose.

It is an affordable way to ensure your content is seen with the new Facebook algorithm on News Feed.

If you wonder how the Facebook algorithm is working, we highly recommend you to read this BLOG ARTICLE from Buffer.

3. Evergreen content

Evergreen content is the content which you have already created for your defined persons. It is content which is useful and relevant and it is the most interesting content for readers.

Tip 3: Create content which will be timeless

Now you ARE probably wondering how to do that? For creating lasting content consider writing the content based on: “How to…”, “Tips & Tricks”, “What went wrong study” or FAQ  in your niche.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of Chatbot has created an excellent opportunity to create as fast as possible Facebook customer service.

Tip 4:  Get visitor’s to try out your brand’s chatbot

Get visitor’s to try out your brand’s chatbot in a Facebook ad or in a promoted post to ensure customers are engaging with your content and reaching out when they need further assistance.



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