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Life of Digital Nomad

In this blog article, Simeon Bugarija and Kristina Alić from Aspekt are going to talk about Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Thailand. How it was for them to adapt to Thailand weather, time zone and which obstacles they encountered?? Read more in this article which they wrote!

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Google Wallet & Android Pay

In this article, we will take a closer look at Google Wallet & Android Pay.

Google Wallet 

Google Wallet is a service made for the purpose of sending and requesting money from anyone. Once you receive the money through Google Wallet you can transfer it to your debit or credit card.

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Our projects 2011

Impaddo Projects 2011

….and 2011 is passed. Time to sum up all our projects for this year. 🙂

We had another awesome year full of projects and great customers!

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Our projects 2010

Impaddo Projects 2010

Our first year just finished…! 🙂

We were happy to maintain several major cooperations and projects and took over the digital consultancy and conception for several customers in Switzerland. Also, we celebrated our very first German customer project “Webtrekk iOS”. You will not believe, but this very first one is still on the App Store: Open Webtrekk iOS App in the App Store.

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