Teambuilding Impaddo 2017
29 Sep 2017

Teambuilding Impaddo 2017

29 Sep 2017

As Impaddo Teambuilding location we chose this year to go to the island Murter, one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia!

Impaddo’s Teambuilding at Murter, Croatia

During our eight days of Teambuilding, we organized multiple workshops with topics which are important for the team, the new team members and our companies future – a kind of playbook!


We had booked a small Villa with Pool for our team and when we arrived on Saturday we first organized the room arrangements and then went to Dinner afterwards. We felt like this was a long time due – simply enjoying the time together and having no timelines on our mind.

After our dinner, we organized¬†soft drinks and tried out the pool – some “with socks” ūüėČ


Workshop Program


The workshop day “Goals” started for some with a headache¬†and for all of us with a late breakfast. Celia introduced the workshop topics and the activities of the week, followed by the goals of our company and the role of each single team members as part it. This Teambuilding and our goals for the Impaddos team are summarised as “Taking care of us”. How do we want to work, which products do we want to develop and which technologies do we want to use from our TechRadar or revoke in future. Who will be guiding others and how can each of us get a benefit out of his participation and efforts in maintaining the well-being of Impaddo? How can we reduce load and automate processes even better and how can we do all that across multiple platforms.



On the workshop day “Creation” Marino Brnardińá presented as our Design Technologist the future strategy and goals about Atomic Design and how to not only improve our design processes but also stepping up and injecting it to code across multiple platforms via Design Token. He organised workgroups for Web, iOS and Android platforms to research and integrate Salesforce ¬†THEO Salesforce UX ¬∑ GitHub¬†– Theo is an abstraction for transforming and formatting Design Tokens and as they call it a Living Design System. While the developers made test research and test integrations the concept and design team created Atomic Design Basics using Sketch, for simplifying current and future projects with defining primitives, elements and components.



“Taking Care” was a workshop where Goran Gagro presented a new Automated Testing tool¬†Squish¬†we will use in future –¬†Reliable GUI Test Automation that works across platforms.¬†We all installed Squish and the first beauty was, that you can install it without issues on all OS in our company – Windows, Linux, and Mac and more. Squish is for Automation of GUI testing, so you don’t need to write test scripts, you can simply record your User Interface actions and the scripts gets automatically generated. We made test integrations on Web with our own Website, while the mobiles developers were¬†already deep diving the integration with Android and iOS Apps. Beside that we discussed Unit Testings and the integration of cross platform Monitoring.



On the “Image & Brand” workshop day Mirna Blagovińá presented us the impact of blog articles, Social Media posts and Newsletter marketing on website traffic¬†and how paid campaigns can multiply the impact even. We all represent Impaddo in the same way and so we spent time¬†to clean up our Social Media profiles or even created some. And then we learned about the Social Media Managment Tool¬†Buffer¬† which is used for our Marketing for a trial phase and how the effort can be reduced drastically through its usage. In the end we discussed how every developer and project manager can support the Marketing department by providing meaningful screen recordings and visualizations, product Fact-Sheets and technology summaries.



On our “BRANCH” workshop we presented the different models and use cases of our partners and customers, some general Basics for our new team members, our process on different platforms and their continuous delivery. Through the last ten years development experience, working on multiple platforms and with different companies and industries we agreed once again, that methodology must respect real life and should simplify the developers’ life and not complicate it. We made a simple playbook and setup a wiki page for all repositories so that every new developer has a simple onboarding in our development environment and also every new project on specific platforms is automatically correctly¬†setup.

For more pictures about our Team Activities check out our Facebook page: Impaddo

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