Video Wall of Google I/O Extended Zadar
18 Jun 2017

Video Wall of Google I/O Extended Zadar

Check videos from our first but not last Google I/O Extended in Zadar! šŸ™‚

18 Jun 2017

This year we organised the Google I/O Extended in the beautiful city Zadar. Here inside this blog, you will find the video wall of our first Google I/O Extended.
It is like a short recap of the three-day event but if you want to see more than you should defiantly check our YouTube channel.

Video Wall of Google I/O Extended Zadar 2017

On the first day, we had speakers:

    • Slavica Kosović
    • Ljiljana Zekanović-Korona
    • Vjekoslav Blagović

Slavica Kosović – the co-host of the coworking space in COIN Zadar. For more information about coworking space COIN in Zadar please have a look at the interview with Slavica Kosović or check out blog “Our two weeks experience in COIN”.


Ljiljana Zekanović-Korona is a docent in the University of Zadar and from autumn she will be on the head of new IT study program at the University of Zadar. From then, students will be able to apply for the new Ā IT program, but only like part-time students. If you would like to hear more about it – check the video below.

On the second start our speakers were:

  • Dino Županović
  • AljazĀ Andrejas
  • Robert Petranović
  • LovroĀ Plejić, Davor Popovic, Tonimir KiÅ”asondi
  • Hrvoje Prpić

For more information about who they are and what they do check the videos below šŸ˜‰





On the second day,Ā the Hackathon registration and 24h of Hackathon were organized:




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