Working remotely
04 Sep 2017

Working remotely

04 Sep 2017
  • The culture of remote work
  • How we handle remote work
  • Pros and cons of remote work
  • Internal activities
  • Comments from our coworkers

The culture of remote work

The culture of remote work is that we are not linked to one place or strict hours.


Thanks to the technology, working environments are more flexible and customizable and it is real WIN-WIN situation for company and employees.

The company gets the best talents and save on facilities costs and employees get to work on their own terms (when they want, where they want), eliminating the hassle and expense of commuting.

How we handle the remote work?

Working place 

Here in Impaddo, we do not have strict working hours or the office where we all meet every day and work together – actually our “working place” is Skype, Zeplin, Google Drive, Slack, JIRA, Bitbucket.

Skype is the most used tool in our company – we are sharing, typing and discussing every day our projects/tasks/issues over calls or over messages. Sometimes it is the only way of our communication in the company – and it has his own pros and cons.

Google Drive – a place where is all documentations. Project documentations, project requirements, project specifications, a bunch of google sheets literally everything. Google Drive – everything is in one place and available to everyone in the company.

Everything is in one place and available to everyone in the company at any time

Slack – the communication tool where we communicate with our clients, share the codes and question the things which are unclear for us.

JIRA – contains all our problems/issues/tasks etc. It is a perfect tool where we can, through the description and pictures/document attachments, explain what we need to work/discuss on and to who to assigns those issues/tasks.

Bitbucket – we are using for source code and development of projects. Collaborating on the code with inline comments and pull requests.

…but when comes real place, we are all around the Croatia.

Our coworkers are from Slavonski Brod, Osijek, Zagreb, Zadar, Varaždin, Čakovec, Biograd na moru … some of them work from the house, rented the offices, coworking space… or beach or boat! 😀

Working hours 

… and when comes to “working hours“, we are flexible with it.

We are all working +/- 8h per day and there is no strict beginning or end of working day.

So, if someone wants to start at 09 am his finishing hour is at 5 pm… but it doesn’t need to be necessary like this.


Flexibility in the place

Flexibility in the hours

Saving the money


Less stress & pressure



Feeling lonely or not as part of the team

Communication as challenge

Internal activities

To soften those cons we are organizing activities and work where we all come together.

Coworking space 

Every month we are organizing few days in the coworking space COIN where we are working together, having meetings and discussions about projects.

Impaddo team in the COIN

If you are wondering how this coworking space looks like and how it was for us – check our blog article: “Our experience with COIN coworking space in Zadar


Once a year we are organizing the team building where we do a lot of activities together, brainstorming about work, working/coding, enjoying and learning new stuff and … karaoke.

Comments from our coworkers

“For me remote work, in general, is excellent. The good sides are – working from your home sofa or bed, without an obligation of traveling every day saves a lot of time and boosts my motivation for work.
Customizing my own work environment depending on the mood that day is also great.

If I want silence around me I can have it the whole day, on the other hand, if I feel like listening to the music maybe also I can have it without bothering other people. If I get tired I can lay down and watch TV maybe or take a walk around the house.

The bad side is sometimes it is boring as nobody is around you but that is not a big problem.”

– Marino

“I like it because it is a more relaxed atmosphere, there is no pressure and stress is reduced and everything is done as if we were all together.”

– Ivo

“Since this was my first time working remotely I thought it will be hard to find the motivation to work early in the morning at home, but with great colleagues and a great job like this it isn’t an obstacle, on the contrary, I can concentrate more and can work better!”

– Sandro


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